Pinterest is a web and mobile application that is a visual compilation, unearthing, sharing, and storage tool. Pinterest users create and make groups of image bookmarks known as boards. The boards are created by users who can pick an item, a page, a website, etc. and pinning them to a board that was just made or an existing one. Pinterest users share and save pins coming from differing sources onto the boards from different selections such as book writing, birthday parties, holidays, vacation planning, and interior decoration. You can make projects using boards and also coordinate events as well as save images and data at the same time. Mae by Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp, and Ben Silbermann, Pinterest is being financed by a small group of investors, including entrepreneurs. It is operated by the Cold Brew Labs.

So you can get a Pinterest sign in, all that is needed is a laptop or a desktop or a mobile device with the Internet. Moreover, you are required to have a browser program like Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox.

Perhaps one of the benefits of actually getting a login is that it can be accessed using any browser program. In addition, you can utilize the tools of Pinterest in order to pin freshly made images that seem interesting to you at any time.

(1) Open a web browser program and proceed to the Pinterest web page at There are two paths to signing up at Pinterest. The first path is to access a Pinterest login using Facebook. If you pick this path, click the “Continue with Facebook” button. The second path to get a login is to key in your Password and Email and click the “Sign up” link. login

(2) It is not expected that the web page will appear like it does in the image above. Case in point, you must remember that there would be instances wherein you might find another person’s account instead of the last webpage. If this occurs, you have to log out first of all. Afterwards, simply refresh the web page. If the form still does not appear on the screen, you should simple remove the passwords, cache, or cookies from your browser program. If you still do not see the new form, just exit from the current browser program and open the web page of Pinterest from a different browser program.

(3) If you make the decision to sign up with Facebook and clicked the “Continue with Facebook,” there would be a pop up small screen, like in image number two. Key in the Facebook Phone or Email and Password and click the “Log In” hyperlink. Finally you have linked your Facebook with your account, so you now have Pinterest login account!

(4) On the other hand, if you decide to have your own login and password for Pinterest, ensure that you have keyed in your Password and Email and click on the “Sign up” hyperlink. Then, you now have a Pinterest account.

pinterest login

As soon as you get a Pinterest account and if you want to shift the online image to a pin, initially, pick the image to pin. Afterwards, click the “Add +” button from Pinterest. Next, key in a picture URL in the hyperlink box. Fourth, pick the image you chose to pin and place it on the board. Pinterest users can put a description to the pin and share it using Twitter or Facebook. At present, other users may click the pin to look for a board the picture may be pinned in, who pinned the picture before, wherein the original pin originated from, and who liked, repined, or commented on the image. You may also have the option of making boards that are private or secret so that the user may pin to and find boards that only the user can find when signed to their account. You can note that you can search for friends whenever you use your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

It is interesting to note that Pinterest is popular among women. Based on a Nielsen study in 2012, the American female audience of Pinterest that goes to the website using a computer was at 70 percent. In 2012, typically, a Pinterest user spends about 90 minutes every month on Pinterest. The most popular categories on Pinterest are food and drink, home decor, DIY and crafts, women’s apparel, and travel.

Pinterest users must remember that the website keeps real copies, not merely hyperlinks or picture thumbnails being pinned. This has created controversy on photographer copyright issues, actually. However, these challenges of Pinterest is not unique to them.

It is also interesting to note that Pinboards may be used by professors and teachers for lesson planning. Educators may pin web site referral later. Moreover, students may organize and pin reference and make project coordination.