A free personal and productive email service, having an Outlook login is great for anyone. The reason why it is an email service that is personal and productive is that it bridges you using all of your devices utilizing great tools of organizing, including a host of applications and services from Microsoft. If you have an Outlook sign in, you can log in not just for your email but for One Drive as well, including connected Microsoft services. You may also use it to sign in a Skype account, search through your contacts as well as calendar, also work utilizing the online Microsoft Office.

In addition, you can utilize this Outlook email login for all devices. You can actually use this email account so you can have access to your email messages, documents, including other applications on Microsoft through any device. You can also seamlessly organize your messages by using your Outlook 365 email account. This is so you can find the messages you want to see and get rid of the junk mail you do not want.

Even when you utilize Sweep, you can delete automatically or file emails of the hundreds in your email inbox in simply seconds. This is when you manage rules that can remove emails that are not wanted automatically even before they go inside your Microsoft Outlook inbox.

You can access your Outlook through outlook.com. If you want to sign in using your computer or a mobile device, just set them to remember your password. This is so you do not need to keep on typing your username and password from Outlook each and every time you need to access it.

You can go into your Outlook email very straightforward and even counter any possible problems through the steps indicated next. These steps on how to log into your Outlook email is truly straightforward and can be accomplished in just minutes.

(1) Open the web browser of your choice. This can be Opera, Firefox, or Google Chrome. Plug in https://www.outlook.com in the address bar. This will direct you to the Outlook homepage.

outlook login

(2) Type the login of your Microsoft Outlook in the “Email or phone” field. Take into consideration that there are other Outlook accounts. This includes the Outlook Hotmail and the Outlook Live. Next key in your password in the “Password” field.

(3) If you need to access Outlook through your desktop or laptop, simply click the checkbox, “Keep me signed in.” This can be found below the password field. This will give you the chance to stay signed in your email in Outlook. Whenever you tick the checkbox, your computer will always remember your username and password whenever you sign in the next time. Thus, you need not always to always remember and key in your username and password. Nevertheless, you have to consider that if there are other people trying to get into your desktop or laptop, we suggest that you do not click your checkbox.

(4) Next click the blue “Sign In” button. Afterwards, you will see the Outlook homepage. This is where you can access and manage Outlook emails you have.

If you find that you unsuccessfully logged in, this means that you keyed in the wrong password or even email. Simply check and key in both of the details again. Nevertheless, even when you accomplish this and you cannot get into your email account, simply click the “Can’t access your account?” blue hyperlink.

outlook sign in

If you clicked on the “Can’t access your account?” hyperlink, you will be given three choices on why you cannot seem to get inside your account, as you can see in the subsequent picture. Select a choice and then click on the grey “Next” button. You have to remember that the next steps depend on your answer.

outlook email login

If you need to sign in immediately to Outlook, just click the “Sign in with a single use code” blue hyperlink, which can be found below the “Can’t access your account?” blue hyperlink.

Why is it important then to have the option for a single sign in? There would be instances that individuals would have to sign in using Outlook email accounts for unsecured networks or using a computer that is public and are fearful that someone could access their passwords and usernames. To counter this challenge, Outlook made a way to sign in by using a code that is just for single use. Once you click on the “Sign in with a single use code” blue hyperlink, you will be sent to another webpage like the one below.

outlook 365

Afterwards, you can offer them your account name and mobile number. Next click the “Text me the code” blue button. This will allow Outlook to send you a code through your phone. When you utilize this code, then you can login. You will get a new code every time you have to do a code for single use. That is why it is called single use, after all. This is especially helpful if you travel a lot.