A media library, a mobile device management application, and a media player, iTunes was developed and made by Apple. It is utilized to download, play, and organize video and audio documents through personal computers that have operating systems like OS X and Microsoft Windows. The iTunes Store can be accessed via the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices.

Through the iTunes Store, customers can download and buy music videos, music, audio books, movies, television episodes, movie rentals (for a couple of countries, that can be accessed from the iPod Touch for 4th generation onwards and the iPhone), and podcasts. In the App Store, the application software for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch may be downloaded.

iTunes typically has a couple of updates. Users can choose to update their versions, as they want. Typically, if users of the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch want to update their software, they have to update their iTunes first.

An iTunes login gives its customers on-demand movies and music, books, the App Store, and podcasts. So that you can get an iTunes account login, you would require a computer or even an Apple device such as an iPhone, an iPad, or an iPod with the iTunes program installed, an email account, and an Internet connection.

Some of the benefits of getting an itunes.com login is that it can be opened at any time. What this means is that you have access to your regular entertainment, whether they may be movies, music, television shows, and the like. Moreover, this also means that you do not need to wait for your favorite shows for a particular time on television. You can choose schedule whenever it is convenient and appropriate for you.

Found below are the procedures and images in a process that is step by step, to aid you in getting your own iTunes sign in. So ask no more, “How do I sign into my iTunes?”

(1) Open your iTunes program installed in your computer or go to www.itunes.com login.

(2) As soon as iTunes has opened, you will find the login page like in the first picture. Click the hyperlink, “Sign In” found on the high left portion of the application.

itunes login

(3) It may happen that you can see another person’s iTunes and not the main home page. If this occurs, first log out and this will bring you to the home page. If you cannot find the iTunes account that has been logged out, quit the program and sign back in. Worse case scenario is, if it is still the same problem, restart your laptop or computer and open the iTunes account again, so you can actually create and log into your iTunes account.

(4) As soon as you click the “Sign In” hyperlink, the pop-up screen will show up like below. Click the button, “Create Apple ID” and wat a bit for your computer to get access to the iTunes Store.

itunes account login

(5) You will find this welcome page before you actually log into your iTunes account. Click the blue “Continue” button.


(6) Next, you will be see and read through Apple’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. You can read or not read the conditions, based on your time availability. Most typically just go ahead and click the checkbox, “I have read and agree to these terms and conditions” and click on the “Agree” button.

itunes sign in

(7) Key in your Password (verify by typing again), Email, Date of Birth and Security Info. It is actually not required for you to key in a back-up email. Take into consideration that you are required to key in a correct email address. It is your decision if you would like to receive newsletters and/or updates from Apple. The Click “Continue” button when you are finished.

www.itunes.com login

(8) You need to see that you did not use this email before to sign up for iTunes in the past. iTunes will automatically check if the email was used beforehand.

(9) Remember that an ITunes account is not very different from other accounts that are online. As mentioned in the past, it would need a password, so that other individuals could not access any of your sensitive and/or private information. This is particularly significant because most, if not all, iTunes accounts, require your financial data, if you give them your credit card details, case in point, to buy a song or a TV episode. Read through some tips on how to actually make a strong password. These password should be difficult to guess by anyone. As you key in your password, characters will be substituted by dots.

(10) As soon as you are finished with keying in all of the needed details from you, congratulations. You already have an account with iTunes. You just have to remember your password for iTunes, because when you buy new items on iTunes, it would need for you to key in your password every time you have been logged out for quite a bit. If you find any other problems, feel free to get in touch with iTunes Help immediately.